Access to Wakkanai

By air

Haneda – Wakkanai (Flights throughout the year)Approx. 1 h 55 min.
New Chitose – Wakkanai (Flights throughout the year)Approx. 55 min.

Cape Soya–Airport route bus

As well as the bus from the airport to the city (Kuko–Shinai route), the Cape Soya–Airport (Soyamisaki–Kuko) route bus (Airport→Soya Hills→Cape Soya→Wakkanai Port North Breakwater Dome→Wakkanai Station→Ferry Terminal) also operates seasonally from Wakkanai Airport (scheduled to operate).


Soya Bus Co., Ltd.(0162)32-5151

By car

Sapporo – Wakkanai Approx. 315 kmApprox. 5 h 40 min.
Asahikawa – Wakkanai Approx. 250 kmApprox. 4 h 50 min.
Abashiri – Wakkanai Approx. 330 kmApprox. 5 h 50 min.
Mombetsu – Wakkanai Approx. 210 kmApprox. 3 h 50 min.

By JR train

Sapporo – WakkanaiApprox. 5 h (Differs according to the train)
Asahikawa – WakkanaiApprox. 3 h 40 min. (Differs according to the train)

Inter-city long-distance bus

Sapporo – Wakkanai (6 services every day)Approx. 5 h 50 min.

Wakkanai area transportation


[Wakkanai] Soya Bus (Ltd.)(0162)32-5151
[Wakkanai] Hokuto Kanko (Ltd.)(0162)23-3820
[Sapporo] Hokuto Kotsu Sapporo Reservation Center(011)241-0241

Sightseeing taxi

Wakkanai Hinomaru Kotsu (Ltd.)Shiomi 1-4-33(0162)22-5000
Hokuto Hire (Ltd.)Shiomi 5-5-1(0162)33-2525


ANA (Ltd.) Wakkanai Airport(0162)27-2121

By JR train

JR Hokkaido Wakkanai Sta.(0162)23-2583
JR Hokkaido Minami Wakkanai Sta.(0162)23-3217


Toyota Rental & Leasing Wakkanai BranchChuo 2-12-5(0162)22-0100
Toyota Rental & Leasing Wakkanai Airport BranchKoetoi(0162)29-3100
Nippon Rent-a-Car Wakkanai Station BranchChuo 2-11-31(0162)22-0919
Nippon Rent-a-Car Wakkanai Airport BranchKoetoi(0162)26-2233
Nissan Rent a Car Wakkanai Airport BranchKoetoi(0162)26-2324
Times Car Rental Wakkanai Station BranchChuo 2-12-20(0162)22-5656
Times Car Rental Wakkanai Airport BranchKoetoi(0162)27-2226
Chiseki Sekiyu Sales (Ltd.) Shiomi SS Rent-a-CarShiomi 4-4-20(0162)22-1109
Nico Nico Rent-a-Car Wakkanai Station BranchChuo 2-9-11(0162)73-3888

Access to the islands


Wakkanai – Rishiri IslandApprox. 1 h 40 min.
Wakkanai – Rebun IslandApprox. 1 h 55 min.
Rishiri Island – Rebun IslandApprox. 45 min.
Heart Land Ferry Wakkanai Branch0570-028-010

Tourist Inquiries

Tourist Information Center

  • Wakkanai City Tourist Information Center (within KITAcolor) (0162)22-2384
    Open 10:00–18:00 Closed Year-end & New Year (Dec. 31–Jan. 5)
  • Wakkanai Airport Tourist Information Center (within the Wakkanai Airport Terminal)(mid-May– Sept.)
    Open 9:30–15:30
  • Wakkanai Ferry Terminal Tourist Information Center (within Wakkanai Ferry Terminal)
    Open 9:00– 16:30 (May 1– 6, May 25– Sept. 30)

sightseeing trips

In times of emergencies