wow!06 Why not take a walk along the footpath course?

Sense the expansive Hokkaido Heritage of the Soya Hills:
come into contact with history and culture in Wakkanai Park;
enjoy the wetlands of Airport Park Meguma Marsh;
or learn about the industrial history of Cape Noshappu.
Which of the four distinctive courses will you choose?

This video introduces the Soya Hills Footpath Course


Footpath course

【Soya Hills Footpath】
◎Long Course(Approx. 11 km/4 hours)
◎Short Course(Approx. 5 km/2 hours)
【Wakkanai Park Footpath 】
◎Hyosetsu Gate Course(Approx. 3 km/1 hours)
【Airport Park Meguma Marsh Footpath】
◎Approx. 3 km/1 hours
【Cape Noshappu Footpath】
◎Approx. 5.5 km/2 hours
※From around November to early May, all routes other than the Cape Noshappu Footpath are closed.
(Wakkanai Footpath):