Model courses

Winter-only course

Lots to enjoy during winter in Japan’s northernmost town.
Come and play to your heart’s content.

  1. WOW! 13 JR Wakkanai Station Approx. 1 km/5 min. by car
  2. WOW! 14 Wakkanai Northern Break water Dome Time spent there:
    Approx. 12 km/20 min. by car
  3. WOW! 12 Onuma Birdwatching Observatory Time spent there:
    Approx. 2 km/5 min. by car
  4. WOW! 34 Soya Fureai Park
    Snow Land
    Time spent there:
    Approx. 7 km/15 min. by car
  5. WOW! 30 Wakkanai Midori Sports Park Time spent there:
    1hour 30min.
    Approx. 3 km/7 min. by car
  6. WOW! 15WOW! 17 Fukuko Market, Karafuto Museum Time spent there:
    Within same facility
  7. WOW! 16 ‘Yamu Wakkanai Onsen Minato no Yu’
    (within Wakkanai Fukuko Market)
    Time spent there:

Time required: approx. 7 hours/ Distance covered: approx. 26 km