Model courses

Superb scenery course

Two capes as well as the sunset over the Soya Hills and the sea.
Enjoy magnificent scenery on a grand scale.

  1. WOW! 13 JR Wakkanai Station Approx. 3 km/10 min. by car
  2. Wakkanai Park Time spent there:
    • WOW! 19 Founding Centennial Tower
      Northern Memorial Museum
      Approx. 35 km/50 min. by car
  3. Cape Soya Time spent there:
    • WOW! 01 The Northernmost Point in Japan Monument
    • WOW! 09 Cape Soya Musical Monument Approx. 1 km/2 min. by car
  4. Soya Hills Time spent there:
    • WOW! 03 Soya Hill Observatory and Rest Facility
    • WOW! 04 WOW! 05 White Path and Cape Soya Wind Farm Approx. 28 km/45 min. by car
  5. WOW! 14 Wakkanai Northern Breakwater Dome Time spent there:
    Approx. 5 km/10 min. by car
  6. WOW! 23 Cape Noshappu Time spent there:
    Approx. 9 km/16 min. by car
  7. WOW! 27 Yuhigaoka ParkingTime spent there:

Time required: approx. 5 hours/ Distance covered: approx. 81 km